Smarter - This company sends spam, I refuse to even look at what they are selling.

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I have been getting this one annoying spam mail.I have Yahoo and am happy that they limit the amount of spam.

However, after receiving hundreds of emails with just one link, I hit the link to see if maybe I'll be given the option to unsubscribe. The website it took me to was It looks professional and such but their marketing spam mails are so unethical and annoying that I would never look at what they are trying to sell me.

I had never signed up for these emails, not even through a 3rd party.It is clearly a spam message, and if you had companies that take the cheap route of advertising rather than take the ethical approach, please join me on fighting spam and boycotting the companies that are capable of being good companies yet conduct themselves in a unprofessional manner.

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Naples, Florida, United States #604822

Spam, Spam This Company not sends spam regularly with no way to be removed from THE LIST!!!!!

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